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Gonna start a business where you can talk to the manager.

Like, that's literally the only service it provides. People come in and go like "I wanna speak to the manager" and they speak to the manager.
Like a good tech startup, I have no idea how to turn a profit with this, but I'm sure we can figure this out later after we're shower with investors' money.

Hallo Illustrator*innen, die ihr das iPad Pro nutzt: Wenn ich damit auf dem Tisch zeichne, rutscht es ab & zu ein Stück weg. Ich lege das Putztuch meines iMac drunter, das zumindest etwas rutschhemmend wirkt. Kennt ihr das Problem und wie umgeht ihr das?

Gerne RT

@maxlath Yes, I would expect that it would start with small companies with quality products.

If there are peaches in a German supermarket and your app would show me that French people eat them, I would be willing to pay twice as much. Growers of good peaches will appreciate reliable quality signals, the big ones will not.

Books are good case, with many consumers likely willing to contribute.But feedback less important to create the next version of the book. @sozialwelten

The big monopolist Google is our friend. (My French is limited to 3 years in school, far too little for such a difficult language.)

For big companies free information is naturally a thread. They make their profit from the ignorance of their customers and hate competition.

I would pay for an app that detect the strawberry variety from a picture & uses weather & consumer feedback to predict whether they taste well.

@VictorVenema @sozialwelten the case of books was and is a good starting point for exploring as there are way more book professionals interested in sharing data, cf #WikiCite and how libraries could contribute to #Wikidata

@VictorVenema @sozialwelten cf how French food companies try to rebuild there own proprietary database to compete with #OpenFoodFacts (couldn't find an article on the matter in English, sorry)

Nach welchen Kriterien legt die Reihenfolge fest, nach der Fotos in Toots angezeigt werden? Ich möchte das bitte wissen.

yay I didn't know about F11 on ubuntu and now I do. I prefer fullscreen everything...

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