@unfa Do you happen to know how I can set a mono microphone, plugged into a U-Phoria UMC202HD, to be forced to be used as mono instead of stereo?
I know a workaround in audacity, but even listening to monitoring is on the left ear only. Sorry to bother you, I'm just asking since I know you are using the same device. I'm on Ubuntu Studio 19.10.

@sozialwelten The hardware monitoring in that interface works this way. No way around I that I know of.

I think if you want the mono mic in both ears, you need to use software monitoring.

@unfa I think I might try a Y cable with Female XLR to two male XLR

@sozialwelten Yeah - if you have the same signal coming into inputs 1 and 2 it should work as intended.

Now that I think about this - they should have added some logic to check if you have 2 mics plugged in, and if only one is plugged-in - it should automatically bridge the monitoring from 1-ear to 2-ears.

It's a bit silly it doesn't have this feature, but well...

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