Today on work, I was asked the best question on the phone ever:

"Is it possible to make copies in your copyshop?"

@bertrandterrier Maybe the person thought that the relation between copyshops and copies might be the same as with coffeeshops and coffee.

@sozialwelten First: You can get coffee in coffeeshops; even in the ones with weed.

Second: So, what could the person have thought, that we might provide? Any speculations?

@bertrandterrier I don't know if the person used the same wording as you did but if they asked if they could make copies in the copyshop, they could have also meant to ask if it was self service or only serviced assignments. (Can I make copies, or do I have to let you make the copies?)

But to your question: Maybe they thought copyshops might be for ordering Doppelgänger, I don't know 😂 could also be the possibility to only buy copies of something. Like a forgery shop

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